08 Dec

Launch Your Business Online: Best Online Websites for Salons

Have you been procrastinating on taking your business online? Do you think your business is too small to get a website? Then it is time to get rid of these misconceptions and check the below reasons to start a website without delay.

Your Prospects Are Online: Regardless of whether your business is small or big, you must ...

21 Nov

5 Tips for Maintaining Salon Business Website

In recent years, more and more people are becoming fashion conscious. In fact, make-up and styling has become a part of everyone’s life. We try to look our best whenever a public appearance is needed, be it conferences, parties, meetings or social gatherings. We want to look our best and create a great impression every time. Everyone ...

26 Sep

Why Drag And Drop Websites for Your Salon Business?

Personal grooming is now a part of life for almost everyone. This is the reason for mushrooming salon businesses across the world. More and more salons are opening every month, making the competition in salon business tougher and stiffer.

One thing that many beauticians are still missing is their online presence. Not only does your salon website ...

25 Jul

7 Trending Hair Products for Professionals

High quality hair products are key for salons and beauticians. When clients are shelling out big bucks for haircuts, coloring, and styling, they expect to see results that match the price tag. Choosing top notch trending hair products allows you to deliver consistent stellar results that bring clients back month after month.

The following list of trending hair products ...

04 Jul

10 Widgets Best Suited for Salon Websites

A strong online presence is a key for commanding the attention of your target salon customers. Consider adding one or more of the following widgets to your salon website today.

  1. Checkfront: Checkfront is one of the most comprehensive, high-end booking and management software programs available, with features ranging from accepting online bookings to creating customer coupons.

  2. Read more »

15 Jun

6 Creative Ideas to Open an Awesome Hair Salon

The beauty salon industry is growing steadily with an average annual rate increase of 3.2%. Experts predict the industry will be worth $58.7 billion by 2019. Salon clients place a high priority on luxury services including manicures, pedicures, and hair coloring. While there is a large demand for hair salons, the market is also very competitive.

Adopting creative tactics for your ...

18 May

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand Loyalty

As a small business owner, your brand is your identity. You also probably know that your small business simply can’t stay afloat without the customers that bring cash in through their purchases and orders.

However, building brand loyalty in a world with 24-hour online shopping is harder than most people think.

Use these 8 easy methods ...

06 Apr

Why An Impressive Spa and Salon Website Is Essential

The spa and salon business depends on facilities and location, but an exceptional website can also make a big difference. The image of the beauty industry has already been on the upswing in recent years, so it's important that a spa and salon website captures this excitement. A professionally designed site with appropriate marketing can attract new customers and help ...

03 Feb

How a Website Helps Your Salon and Spa Business

A salon business tends to cater to a local market, which is a perfect niche to promote with a salon website design. Effective branding and marketing involves conveying the most attractive qualities of your spa and salon to individuals who want to associate themselves with the experiences you offer.

Including a visual and emotional image of your facility in your salon ...

06 Jan

Mobile Friendly Website: Why It Is Important

In April, Google implemented the "mobile friendly” update, which aims at giving mobile- friendly websites prominence on search engine rankings. The change came in line with shifting consumer trends in accessing the Internet. For example, more people are accessing websites through their smartphones than PCs. According to a Read more »

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