29 Aug

This Stunning Template Can Kick-start Your Salon Business

Designing a website for your business is a challenging task where you need to be heedful to everything and articulate each minute factor in details before finalizing the things. Choosing a website theme or template is one of the most important considerations while designing or revamping your website, especially if it’s related to salon marketing.

Websites for salon businesses must be ...

08 Aug

Salon Marketing Tip #1: Try Out Every Fad Before You Discard it

Beauty has a new definition every season. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when people used to mock the ones who dared to color their hair blue and green. Now, slick hair color seems to have captured today’s hair trends, and it is here to stay. Look how gorgeous it looks:

25 Jul

7 Trending Hair Products for Professionals

High quality hair products are key for salons and beauticians. When clients are shelling out big bucks for haircuts, coloring, and styling, they expect to see results that match the price tag. Choosing top notch trending hair products allows you to deliver consistent stellar results that bring clients back month after month.

The following list of trending hair products ...

04 Jul

10 Widgets Best Suited for Salon Websites

A strong online presence is a key for commanding the attention of your target salon customers. Consider adding one or more of the following widgets to your salon website today.

  1. Checkfront: Checkfront is one of the most comprehensive, high-end booking and management software programs available, with features ranging from accepting online bookings to creating customer coupons.

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24 Jun

5 Things Smart Spa Owners Do to Retain Their Clients

Running a successful salon or spa is not just about offering the best services possible, but also providing top-notch customer service. Going the extra mile to make clients feel comfortable and pampered boosts repeat business.

The following tips will get you on your way to retaining a regular customer list for your salon or spa.

  1. Give clients a little TLC
  2. People can get ...

15 Jun

6 Creative Ideas to Open an Awesome Hair Salon

The beauty salon industry is growing steadily with an average annual rate increase of 3.2%. Experts predict the industry will be worth $58.7 billion by 2019. Salon clients place a high priority on luxury services including manicures, pedicures, and hair coloring. While there is a large demand for hair salons, the market is also very competitive.

Adopting creative tactics for your ...

25 May

5 Musts for Promoting Your Salon Business Online

If you are running a beautician business, you understand the importance of having clients consistently every month. If you are not booked many days of the month, you will struggle to keep the business afloat. So, how can you ensure you are routinely getting clients? By promoting your business online!

Today, most people search for beauticians on the Internet. If you ...

18 May

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Brand Loyalty

As a small business owner, your brand is your identity. You also probably know that your small business simply can’t stay afloat without the customers that bring cash in through their purchases and orders.

However, building brand loyalty in a world with 24-hour online shopping is harder than most people think.

Use these 8 easy methods ...

11 May

Effective Marketing Steps to Promote Your Salon Business

Running a beauty, hair or nail salon can be challenging, but you can help establish your brand visibility by implementing proven salon marketing techniques online. The following steps will help you shape an effective online marketing strategy for your salon.

Steps for Marketing a Salon Business

  1. Create a unique mobile-friendly custom website
  2. Make your site visually attractive and easy to understand
  3. Build ...

04 May

Expert Tips to Grow Your Nail Salon Business

Many businesses these days are finding it hard to get customers. More and more people are doing things themselves what they used to pay others to do. The nail salon business is still part of an industry that can thrive though.

However, you do need to know how to grow your business. Use these expert tips to ...

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