03 Oct

Grow Your Beauty Business/Brand 85% by Stealing Prospects from Your Competitors

Consider this:

  1. If you don’t have a website, you’re invisible to 85% of all potential customers to your beauty business and/or brand.
  2. 68% of people say that positive reviews online are just as good as a personal recommendation from a friend.

Bottom line: without a website and positive online reputation, you are at risk of losing up to 85% of prospects. Or for you half glass full-ers reading this, this is an opportunity to increase leads easily by creating a website that reflects your brand, experience, and expertise. Because you’re in the beauty business, this is all the more important to you. Did you know 35% of your potential clients book their salon appointment during non-business hours and – most importantly – they do it online? If you don’t have a website, how will your prospects find you? Chances are they won’t; instead, they’ll flee to a competitor who does. Fortunately, very few people in the beauty industry boast an established web presence, so you’re putting yourself at a sizable competitive advantage by developing an online presence for you and your beauty business.

The very first step to kill the competition over the web is to build a stunning, SEO friendly website.
  1. If you think your Facebook business page is enough, you are missing out on 54% growth. The Internet has 3.17 billion users of which only 1.71 billion users are active on Facebook. In other words, 46% of the total Internet traffic goes to Facebook. But what about the remaining 54%? These are the users that won’t even know you exist because they aren’t Facebook users. You never know if your target customers fall under the second category. If you have a well-optimized website, search engines will find you and present you before your target audience, helping to increase your leads and grow your client base.

  2. 83% of small businesses already have a website. Do you? A professional website helps you create a great first impression for prospective clients. By displaying your expertise, gallery of work, and bio, you give prospects the information they need to take the next step in becoming your client.

  3. If you are an independent beautician, a website is the only investment you need to make initially. 33% of cosmetologists in America are freelancers – and the number has been growing tremendously. All you need is a portfolio and a stunning website to start attracting clients by showcasing your talent. Give yourself an edge over your competitors through an effective, engaging website.

  4. You need to be a brand to attract employees for your salon. Talking about the salon business, you need your staff is to be well equipped with the required skill-sets and to be capable of working independently. In order to hold on to your existing employees as well as to attract new skilled employees, you have to become a well-known name they would want to stick with. Conventional media is fading away. The virtual world is the palpable reality of today. If you do not have a website, this means that you are non-existent in the virtual world. Your website is your first step towards brand building. It’s like an online business card with a bit more detailed information.

  5. It helps you understand who exactly your audience is. You might assume that your audience would mostly be women, but do you know that 46% percent of urban men, between the age group of 18-29, visit salons 6 to 10 times in a year? Knowing about smallest details of your target audience will help you serve and target better. Your website gives you access to Google Analytics. It unlocks the doors to a portal of vast data, related to the demographics and interests of your target audience.

  6. It’s a small investment that can fetch you great results. Salon owners claim that it takes just 2 to 3 clients to cover their yearly website charges but in return, they gain dozens of extra clients because of the website. It’s a myth that getting a website is expensive. You can own a fully optimized stunning salon website at just $29 a month.

  7. It will help you a great deal in local SEO. 97% of prospective customers depend on local searches to find local businesses. 32% customers say they would contact a local business if it has a website. Whether you are a salon or an individual cosmetologist, it’s paramount for you to be available where they are searching for you. Today, everybody wants everything online. Most people use mobile devices to access the internet, so make sure that the website you choose is mobile friendly and responsive.

For salon owners, independent beauticians or a spa, not just any regular website template will work. You are in an industry where if you don’t sparkle, you won’t sell. Here are 10 highly fashionable templates that perfectly match the persona of your brand.

  1. Coiffeuse’s
  2. Spa Sparkle
  3. Glassy Roller
  4. Spotless panache
  5. Purple Brio
  6. Royal Glaze
  7. Spalon
  8. Beautician’s Showcase
  9. Chic Gallery
  10. Pinups

Minu Prasad

Minu Prasad is the Owner of Beautician Websites, an easy-to-use tool for beauticians to create stunning websites that accentuate their business towards their target customers and boost their revenue from the internet.

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Minu Prasad

Minu Prasad is the Owner of Beautician Websites, an easy-to-use tool for beauticians to create stunning websites that accentuate their business towards their target customers and boost their revenue from the internet.